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Welcome to Pennington Hardwoods Hardwood Flooring Questions If you are ready to make a purchase we are sure you have many questions, and we want you to be well informed. Posted here in a Q&A format is important information that every customer needs to review before making a purchase. Here you will find answers to many questions frequently asked by our customers regarding general information, the ordering process, and other important issues. At Pennington Hardwoods we value our customers and your satisfaction with our products and service is very important to us. This required reading is intended to enhance your awareness and understanding of the topics covered to help ensure your satisfaction. Please feel welcome to contact us if any additional information is needed. We will be glad to assist you.

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Hardwood Flooring Questions

Have questions? You may find an immediate answer here. If not, please e-mail us for help or contact us at the phone number above. We would be glad to assist you.

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Q: Where is Pennington Hardwoods located?

A: The main office of Pennington Hardwoods Inc. is located in Indiana at the address below and our primary manufacturing facility is located in Ohio. As a Nationwide supplier we also maintain several strategically placed distribution points across the Country. Our mailing address is:
Prodigy Hardwood Interiors / 607 North Shore Drive / Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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Q: What are your business hours?

A: Our normal business hours excluding holidays are 9:00am to 5:30pm Eastern DST Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment for showroom consultations and facility tours.

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Q: What are the minimum purchase requirements?

A: The minimum purchase requirement for flooring is 200sf per item with the exception of mosaic flooring which is 100sf per item. If you purchase flooring and then determine that more is needed to complete the installation, this minimum is usually waived. Combined orders of flooring and millwork can offer flexibility in these minimums. The minimum purchase requirement for lumber varies according to item and available lot quantities. Please contact us or refer to our lumber page for additional information.

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Q: Can I place my order online?

A: No. There are many issues to be considered when purchasing hardwood flooring. Speaking with our knowledgeable staff allows you an opportunity to have your concerns of product suitability addressed before rather than after the fact. We want the product you purchase to be a good match for your particular needs so orders placed by non-commercial account customers are only accepted by phone or in person so you have full opportunity to have your questions answered.

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Q: How much additional do I order to account for waste?

A: For a straight forward installation of plank flooring in a typical home 5%-10% is recommended to account for cutting waste. However an increase in your waste percentage will be necessary to accomplish any of the following: Installing on the diagonal, doing pattern work, or selecting for specific color, character, or lengths. The higher the waste percentage you account for the more selective you can be during the installation process providing added assurance that the finished project will be to your ultimate satisfaction. It is our suggestion to not commit yourself to using every piece of wood whether you like them or not by ordering too little. Hardwood flooring will last a lifetime which is a long time to look at pieces you would rather had not been installed. Prior to installation take time with your flooring contractor to inspect the materials selecting out what personally does not appeal to you.

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Q: Are millwork items available?

A: Yes. We offer in most any species custom millwork items such as stair treads, risers, nosing, flush mount vents, base, casing, shoe, & crown moldings to complement your flooring order. Discuss your requirements of millwork items with one of our customer service representatives to learn more. Receiving a price quote on custom millwork items may require 1-2 business days depending on lumber availability. As many of these items are made to order please anticipate a lead time of 2-4 weeks for production. All our millwork items come standard unfinished although prefinished is an available option for some items. Millwork orders are generally shipped separate of flooring orders directly from our millwork shop.

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Q: When could I expect to receive my order?

A: The average lead time required for production of our Pennington Brand precision milled and presanded domestic flooring is 2-4 weeks. The exotic flooring we offer as part of our direct import program is generally in stock and readily available for shipment. Our custom milled as well as custom prefinished hardwood flooring generally requires a 2-4 week lead time although this may vary depending upon the nature of the order. If a sooner or later ship date is desired, contact us to discuss scheduling. In addition to these lead times, please account for a range of 1-7 days in transit depending on the destination.

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Q: By what means would my order be shipped and what are the charges?

A: We have developed a service proven network of fully insured regional and national LTL freight carriers which we use to ship our products nationwide safely and efficiently. Additionally we provide our customers with discounts up to 70% off casual rates making freight more affordable than what you may think. The time required in transit ranges from 1-7 days depending on the destination and delivery by appointment is available at no additional charge. Upon delivery someone must be present to receive and unload the shipment although unloading is usually driver assisted. To calculate the cost of freight for a particular shipment we need to know what product and quantity you wish to order to determine shipping weight and the postal zip code it will deliver to. Please feel welcome to call or e-mail us with this information for a quick quote.

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Q: Does my flooring come with a guarantee?

A: Yes, Pennington Hardwoods Inc. guarantees the quality and condition of every order. As a family business which operates largely without the benefits of paid advertising, satisfying customers is the key to our success. Simply inspect your order upon receipt. If any aspect of your order is in question, do nothing with the product and contact us immediately so we may address your concerns. Any portion of an order not found to be of proper quality or condition will be promptly replaced or refunded with our sincere apologies. However in accordance with industry standard, installation, alteration, or expiration of the claims period constitutes irrevocable acceptance of the products provided. Simply stated, as customer satisfaction is our top priority we will right any wrong when allowed the opportunity.

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Q: Do you offer installation support?

A: We do provide general installation instructions upon request for the various products we offer however to help ensure the success of your project we suggest contracting an NWFA hardwood flooring installation professional to install your flooring. Proper site preparation, acclimation of the flooring, and installation methods are often relative to the climate and conditions at your specific location and the type and size of hardwood flooring selected. If you are a DIY'er the special tools and equipment needed can often be rented but we strongly recommend that you thoroughly study information available from the National Wood Flooring Association or similar resources before undertaking the project yourself.

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Q: Will every piece of flooring be perfect?

A: Although we strive for excellence in our products no wood flooring is absolutely consistent or perfect. The irregularities that exist are perfectly normal as a product of nature and is in large part what makes real wood flooring so appealing. Natures beauty ensures that no two boards are exactly the same. This results in a wonderfully attractive floor with genuine character and warmth which cannot be duplicated in artificial flooring materials. If your preference is for a floor that is absolutely consistent or perfect, options other than real wood flooring should be pursued.

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Q: Will my flooring change color over time?

A: Most any wood will change in color to some degree over time although some species change more noticeably and faster than others. With a photo-sensitive wood like Brazilian Cherry and others it is suggested that you avoid covering the floor such as with a rug for 60-90 days as the natural patina of the wood darkens with exposure to ultra-violet light. Covering the floor during this period can create an uneven color change which will eventually correct itself over time after the area is uncovered.

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Q: What most commonly damages the surface of a real wood floor?

A: Rolling or sliding furniture and appliances over your floor can scratch the finish and leave indention marks even in the hardest woods. High heel shoes which concentrate weight to a small point or other shoes which may have small rocks or dirt embedded in the tread can also scratch the finish and leave indention marks. Dogs as well are capable of scratching the finish and leaving indented claw marks. Heavy or blunt objects dropped on the floor are another source for scratches and indentations. In realistic less than perfect conditions virtually all wood floors exhibit some of these marks but overall still remain quite beautiful. This usually superficial damage does not affect the structural integrity of the wood and in most cases can be easily remedied the next time you sand and refinish your floor. Some real wood floors however are seldom refinished so to preserve their naturally worn character.

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Q: Am I ready to place my order?

A: Yes. Thank you for taking time to review this information. Your awareness and understanding of the topics covered here will help ensure your satisfaction. Please make note of any other topics or concerns you may wish to ask about and call us at 812-207-9646 to have your questions answered and to place your order.

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